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Name: Bii
Preferred pronoun: traditional female
Preferred means of contact: AIM: grandhighbiichama
Any other characters currently in-game? Usagi Tsukino

Name: Nemo Vantas
Gender: Male
Source: > Connect. It's a Homestuck species swap AU, which I am cowriter of. Nemo is the human Sufferer. Technically I am apping him in an AU of that AU, in which there is no Sburb session or ectobiology or any of that stuff.
Canon point: April 12, 2009 (the night before the fic proper begins)
Age: 59
Colour: #ff0000
Chumhandle: communistGnosis

History: Ninety-nine years ago, a retired Southern Colonel named Sassacre adopted an orphaned little girl named Betty Crocker. Twelve years later, he adopted another little girl named Dolores Maryam Santos. It is the younger of these two sisters that this history concerns more. In 1950, when Dolores was nearly thirty, her charity work at the local orphanage brought her in contact with an infant boy named Nemo Vantas. Dolores adopted Nemo and took him with her to California. (She also adopted another child, a little girl named Magdalena, four years later, as well as being foster mother to yet three more kids in the seventies, but this isn't really about them.) Due to his age, temperament, and inclinations, it was practically destiny that Nemo would grow up to become a hippie and join the peace movement. Nemo then spent the next few decades living the nomadic life of a professional activist and rabble-rouser, protesting oppression and fighting for people's rights. Then one of Nemo's old flames showed up with a baby—his baby, which was all too evident—and declared that he'd have to take care of it, because she couldn't. Faced with the raising of his son—who he named Karkat—Nemo returned to his mother's home in California, which had since been transformed into a working farm and quasi-commune by his younger sister and her husband. For the last thirteen years, Nemo has been a farmer and a father. Although he never expected to have a son, Karkat is the most important person in his life. (You can find the Crocker family tree from the original >Connect AU here here. The years people were born in stay the same in the AU of the AU, although some dates are switched around and people have been born normally.)
Personality: Stubborn. Quick to anger, but also quick to forgive. An idealist, despite everything. Cares deeply. Maybe too deeply. Swears like a fucking sailor. Is kind of casually poly and bisexual, but will probably not be all that interested in starting any new romances because he's kind of concentrating on trying to get the fuck home?
Abilities & physical limitations: He's in pretty good shape for a guy his age, but he is a middle-aged human dude and his knees hurt in the morning. Will probably be awake on his dream moon?
Appearance: As pictured here, with his thirteen-year-old son.
Notable AU differences from canon, if applicable: >Connect is an AU where the Scratch went terribly wrong (or possibly terribly right) and instead of the generations being switched, humans and trolls were swapped. So the Signless Sufferer ended up as an aging hippie and rabble-rouser named Nemo Vantas. This is a non-SBURB AU of the original >Connect AU, in which there was no ectobiology or meteor babies of any of that stuff.

Strife Specibus: Scythekind
Prototyping: His son's babyteeth. (Which ends up creating a seven-year-old Human Karkat sprite. Oh dear.)
Title: Child of Bloom.
In-game abilities: He makes plants grow. Eventually he gains a flower feet ability so that stuff blooms where he has walked.
Planet: Land of Mud and Flowers. The flowers of which are kind of smooshed, because its Denizen trampled them all. (Nemo is going to have to get them to grow again.)

RP Sample:

Hey, kiddo.

I know you can't read this. That you might not ever read this. Far as I fucking know, there isn't a goddamn postal system in this acid trip wonderland. But I figured I'd write this anyway. Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll see you again when all this is done?

Yeah. Probably not. But I got to keep hoping, you dig? It's the only thing that will get me through this.

That game was addressed to you, you know. You were supposed to be here, not me. Serves me fucking right for opening your mail, I guess.

There's another me here. He's an alien, if you can believe that. And another you. An alien kid you. He's enough like you and enough not like you that it breaks my fucking heart. Not everyone here is a weird funhouse mirror version of our family, but there's enough of them--

Well. It's what I'm stuck with, isn't it? I've got to make the best of it that I can.

And I will.

We're going to fix shit, Karkat.

We're going to win this fucking game.

your Dad


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